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Tailgate Menus

Orders for Christine’s catering should be placed no later than Tuesday at 2:00 pm CST the week of the game. All food orders will include plates, cutlery, napkins and serving ware. All orders can be picked up at the store or delivery can be arranged., A delivery fee will be added to the total bill., delivery charge depends on delivery range. We are unable to deliver onto the campus, orders can be pick up outside the campus at pre-arranged place.  Minimum food orders are $400.00. Four hours is the maximum time food can be left before being discarded.



The Starter: serves 10

Creamy spinach dip with tortilla chips, honey bourbon glazed chicken wings with ranch dressing pulled pork, 2 kinds of BBQ sauces, sandwich rolls, assorted cookies & brownies, assorted sodas, and water. Choice of 2 sides

Price $240.00


The Southern: serves 10

Chips and salsa, Buffalo wings, chicken fingers with honey mustard, Pulled pork, Texas garlic toast, assorted cookies and brownies, assorted sodas and waters. Choice of 2 sides

Price $260.00

The Linebacker: serves 10

Smoky black bean salsa with tortilla chips, Crispy chicken tenders with honey mustard, grilled ¼lb hamburgers, all beef hot dogs and buns, condiments and cheeses, assorted cookies & brownies, assorted sodas and water. Choice of 2 sides

Price $260.00


The Quarterback: serves 10

Chips and salsa, bourbon glazed pork tenderloin, buffalo chicken wings with ranch, thinly sliced marinated beef tenderloin, rolls and condiments, assorted cookies and brownies, assorted sodas and water. Choice of 2 sides

Price $310.00


Build your Own Tailgate

Pulled Pork (5LB): serves 15 for $70.00

Smoked Pulled Chicken (5LB): serves 15 for $80.00

Honey Bourdon Pork tenderloin (1.5LB): serves 6 for $35.00

Add buns or Texas Toast, BBQ Sauces, and Sliced Pickles: $3.00 per person 

Appetizers serve 10

Chips, Salsa, & Guacamole: $35.00

Corn & Black Bean Salsa: $35.00

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Platter: $46.00

Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard: $46.00

Hot Wings with Ranch or Bleu Cheese: $69.00



Sides- (2 bs serves 8 people)

3 cheese mac and cheese $18.00

Smoky bacon baked beans $16.00

Creamy coleslaw $18.00

Twice baked potato salad $22.00

Broccoli and cheddar salad $18.00


Carved items and Dips

Sliced whole beef tenders with rolls and creamy horseradish sauce (serves 20) $TBA

Sliced Herbed crusted pork loin served rolls and honey mustard dipping sauce (serves 30) $180.00



Tea by the gallon $9.00

Half case of sodas (12 cans) $15.00

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